Janskati Samachar
भोजपुरी सिनेमा

बीबी का डर एवं वीडियो गेम की लत - देखिए मामा भांजा का funny वीडियो


Just the two of them, remote in one hand and beer in the other. Their long-awaited FIFA-gaming night is all set to begin. They love being together here... away from it all. No work, no tension, no friends, no family, no wife, no girl friend. Only the lust to score and outdo each other. Man to man. They are comrades-in-arms and a perfect couple who understand and trust each other.

Finally, the game is underway. The ball is rolling and the booze is flowing. But, life, we know, is a bitch... always interrupting and throwing up surprises. What terrors does the gaming night have in store for them? Lets take a peek...

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